About Me

Sam Snedden

The Palisades, Washington D.C.

Food Studies in Falk College

I am a sophomore student-athlete at Syracuse University.  I ended up being an Orangemen due to my love of snow and my interest in food as it relates to people.  While I have always lived on the east coast, I have dreams of moving out west after college and hit the mountains.  My parents are restaurateurs and I have two sisters, one older studying at Washington & Lee University in Virginia, and a younger who is a lacrosse extraordinaire still in highschool.  Three things I am excited to do everyday is drinking coffee, rowing, and cooking.

Growing up in the District, I was exposed to a wide range of art which saturates the city.  From street art to the Smithsonian, I enjoyed being surrounded by so much creativity and expression but really did not realize its magnitude and influence on me until I made Syracuse my home.  Here, where art is far more concentrated and spotted about, it draws more of my attention when I see it; eg. Sculptures, murals, or live music.  The most interesting form of art on campus to me is the architecture.  While a functional form of art, no two buildings at SU are alike and I believe this was done intentionally to create an eclectic yet refined environment for students to pursue their interests.

I think that the benefits of writing about art is two sided.  It have intrinsic and extrinsic implications for the writer and reader respectively.  For the author, writing is a conduit for self-expression and internal clarification as it provides a medium to align ones thought processes emotional, morally and logically so I think in doing so they can learn a lot from themselves.  For the reader, the effects can be many but it certainly allows for a some degree of connectivity, whether or not they are in agreement with what is expressed, it gives a point of reference for their own thoughts.  Further, it allows for expanding dialogue and thus the discussion of new ideas that have been brought to light.

Me gettin’ artsy!